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Utility Construction Services

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Address: 467 Silver Street, Agawam, MA
Phone: 413.786.7314

Utility Construction Services

Since 1960 the Utility Division of Witch Enterprises has been providing excavation, trenching and construction services to Corporations, Utility Companies (Gas, Electric, Telephone, CATV) General and Electric Contractors, Municipalities, Hospitals, Colleges and Property Managers.

We can complete your entire project; from excavation, to cable and conduit placement, to the required permanent restoration. We also have the equipment to complete concrete demolition and removal, pouring concrete sidewalks and small foundations along with asphalt paving, patching, and pneumatic boring up to 4" diameter.

With our Wirtgen 600 Milling machine, we can offer asphalt "T" patching up to 40" wide.

We have the knowledge, size and equipment to complete utility projects unmatched by any utility construction company in our service area.

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